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AB – Hydrangea ‘Le Cygne’

Hydrangea Le Cygne
Hydrangea Le Cygne

Hydrangea ‘Le Cygne’

H: 1.2m W: 1.5m

A compact growing hydrangea which is covered with large pure White ball flowers over a long flowering period.

Care: Prefers a part sun position with protection from hot afternoon sun and strong hot winds. A morning sun position is the preferrred site. Mulching well will assist in retaining moisture over the heat of summer. Best planted with protection from the afternoon sun in soil that does not dry out in summer.
Colour: Pure White

Foliage: Deciduous.

Uses: Can be used in a range of positions provided the position is protected.

Supplied as: 42mm tubestock – approx. 20-30cm tall.

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