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W – Acer Rubrum (Red Canadian Maple) [JUNE 2014]

Acer Rubrum

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum of 5 Bare rooted plants must be ordered – can include mix of trees and berries

A large spreading deciduous tree with dense canopy.Acer Rubrum Leaves
Will grow in a wide range of conditions but is only moderately tolerant of drought.

Acer Rubrum


An attractive specimen tree with variable autumn colour, yellow through dark red.
H: 12m W: 8m
Origin: North America – Florida to northern Canada
Growth rate: 450-600mm p.a.
Tolerates dappled shade, but prefers full sun with protection from hot north-westerly winds.
May show signs of stress in drought and hot and dry conditions.  Watering during these times is essential.  Prefers moist well drained soils, however, appears to grow well in compacted clay soils.

Supplied Bare rooted approx 65 cm tall

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